Error Reference


1001 - 1099 : General Parsing Errors
1001Missing string start token " or '.
1002Matching closing token %c not found.
1003Empty string not allowed in Function header.
1004Empty string not allowed for property '%s'.
1005Unsupported node type in '%s'. (Node: '%s', Type: '%s')
1006Nothing defined to be built.
1007Expected a variable at this location.
1008Expected a variable of type '%s', but got '%s'.
1009Unknown variable '%s'.
1010Unknown construct.
1011Unnamed modification must follow a variable assignment in the same scope.
1012Unexpected end of file.
1013Unexpected character '%c' in variable name.
1014Variable name is too long. (Length: %u, MaxLength: %u)
1015Unknown Function.
1016Unexpected character '%c' following variable name.
1017Unexpected character '%c' in variable value.
1018Integer value could not be parsed.
1020Function can only be invoked once.
1021Unexpected Function header.
1022Missing Function header close token '%c'.
1023Function requires a header.
1024Function requires a body.
1025Missing scope close token '}'.
1026Variable '%s' not found for modification.
1027Cannot use <%s> to modify <%s> for Variable '%s'.
1028Cannot find '$' to end variable substitution
1029Variable for substitution '%s' is not a string (Type: <%s>).
1030Unknown directive '%s'.
1031Unknown char '%c' following '%s' directive. (Expected '%c').
1032Unable to open include '%s'.
1033Error reading include. Error: %u (0x%x) File: '%s'".
1034Operation not supported: '%s' %s '%s'.
1035Excessive depth complexity when parsing BFFs.
1037#endif without matching #if.
1038Overwriting already defined token in #define directive.
1039Unknown token in #undef directive.
1040#undef of built-in token not allowed.
1041#else without matching #if.
1042Unknown operator '%s'.
1043Cyclic dependency detected for node '%s'.
1044Operator expected.
1045Extraneous token(s) following '%s' directive.
1046#if expression cannot start with boolean operator.
1047If expression too complex. Up to %u boolean operators supported.
1050Property '%s' must be of type <%s> (found <%s>).
1054Integer '%s' must be in range %u to %u.
1060Can't modify frozen variable '%s'.
1070Unexpected operator '%s'.
1071Unexpected token '%s'.
1100 - 1199 : Function Parameter Errors
1100Target '%s' already defined.
1101Missing required property '%s'.
1102'%s' ('%s') is of unexpected type '%s'. Expected '%s'.
1103'%s' ('%s') is a '%s', which does not describe a file.
1104'%s' ('%s') is not defined.
1105Path not allowed for '%s' ('%s').
1106Property '%s' is missing required token '%s'.
1107Expected function name following 'function' keyword.
1108Function '%s' already defined.
1109Function argument '%s' is already defined.
1110Expected argument block following function call.
1111Function call does not take %u args (it expects %u args).
1112Function call arguments should be literals or variables.
1200 - 1299 : ForEach Specific Errors
1200Expected a variable at this location.
1201Missing 'in' at this location.
1202Expected a variable following 'in'.
1204Variable '%s' contains %i elements, but loop is for %i elements.
1300 - 1399 : Library Specific Errors
1300Precompiled Header use requires 'PCHInputFile', 'PCHOutputFile' and 'PCHOptions' parameters.
1301Precompiled Header target '%s' has already been defined.
1302Missing Precompiled Header option '%s' in '%s'.
1303Precompiled Header option '%s' in '%s' invalid. Only allowed on Precompiled Header.
1400 - 1499 : Copy Specific Errors
1400'Dest' with multiple 'Source' files should be a path. Missing trailing '/'?
1500 - 1599 : Compiler Specific Errors
1500Compiler detection failed. Unrecognized executable '%s'.
1501CompilerFamily '%s' is unrecognized.
1502LightCache only compatible with MSVC Compiler.
1503C# compiler should use CSAssembly.
1504CSAssembly requires a C# Compiler.
1999 : User Defined Errors
1999User Error: '%s'