Creates an alias for one or more targets.

Alias( 'name' ) // Name of alias (required) { // Basic options .Targets // Targets to alias .Hidden // (optional) Hide a target from -showtargets (default false) }

Alias() can be used to create aliases to other nodes in the build. Aliases can be referenced within other Functions in the BFF config or from the command line. An Alias can refer to one or more nodes, and are typically used to simplify and de-duplicate configurations.

For example, to group multiple build congfigurations under a common 'main' target:

Alias( 'main' ) { .Targets = { 'main-x86', 'main-x64' } }

Or to provide a more human-friendly command line target:

Alias( 'Editor' ) { .Targets = 'bin/Editor/X64/Release/Editor.exe' }

Aliases can be nested (i.e. they can refer to other Aliases).

Basic Options

.Targets - String/ArrayOfStrings - (Required)

One or more targets must be provided, either as a string or an array of strings. Targets can be previously defined nodes, or files external to the build process.

.Targets = { 'Library-Alias' // A previously defined Alias() 'tmp/Libraries/X64/Release/Core.dll' // A previously defined DLL() 'External/SDK/VS2012/libs/libcmt.lib' } // An external DLL import library