Creates a text file containing all file dependencies for the given source.

This function can be useful to pipe FASTBuild dependency inspection inside another build system.

ListDependencies( alias ) ; (optional) Alias { .Source ; Source target (filename or node name) .Dest ; Destination filename where dependent files list will be exported .SourcePattern ; (optional) String, or array of strings, to filter exported dependencies .PreBuildDependencies ; (optional) Force targets to be built before this ListDependencies (Rarely needed) }
  • Output file format is simple: on file per line.
  • Each dependency is always expressed as an absolute path.
  • Results are sorted lexically, by ascending order.
  • Output file is using CRLF on Windows, and LF on other platforms.
  • List only direct dependencies of the source, no recursive descent.

The following sample BFF:

ObjectList( 'SimpleObject' ) { .CompilerInputFiles = "C:/Test/SimpleObject.cpp" .CompilerOutputPath = "C:/Test/Output" } ListDependencies( 'SimpleDependencies' ) { .Source = 'SimpleObject' .SourcePattern = { '*.h', '*.c', '*.cpp' } .Dest = 'C:/Test/Output/Dependencies.txt' }

With 'SimpleObject.cpp' containing:

#include "HeaderA.h" #include "HeaderB.h"

Will generate the following 'Dependencies.txt' output file:

C:/Test/HeaderA.h C:/Test/HeaderB.h C:/Test/SimpleObject.cpp