Creates a text file which can used as part of a subsequent build step.

.TextFileInputStrings must contain at least one string, and none of the strings can be empty.

WARNING: Must not be used to generate response files or to externalize command line arguments for build steps that can be cached or distributed. This will result in failed builds or incorrect caching.

WARNING: Many FASTBuild functions inspect command line arguments to help control behavior. Care must not taken not to hide command line arguments that are required for FASTBuild to function correctly.

TextFile( alias ) ; (optional) Alias { .TextFileOutput ; Output file to generate .TextFileInputStrings ; Array of non-empty strings to be written to the output file, one per line. .TextFileAlways ; (optional) Generate the file even if it already exists with the current contents. ; Additional options .Hidden ; (optional) Hide a target from -showtargets (default false) .PreBuildDependencies ; (optional) Force targets to be built before this TextFile (Rarely needed, ; but useful if the output would be deleted by an earlier step.) }