Function Reference


AliasCreates an alias to one or more targets.
CompilerDefines a set of compiler files for distributed compilation.
CopyCopies a file or files.
CopyDirCopies a directory or directories.
CSAssemblyBuilds a C# Assembly.
DLLBuilds a C/C++ DLL.
ErrorEmits a custom user error.
ExecRuns a custom executable as a build step.
ExecutableBuilds a C/C++ Executable.
ForEachRepeats a section of configuration.
IfConditional evaluation.
LibraryBuilds a static C/C++ library.
ListDependenciesExport target dependencies.
ObjectListBuilds a set of objects.
PrintPrints some text during BFF parsing.
RemoveDirRemove the contents of a directory.
SettingsConfigures global FASTBuild settings.
TestBuilds and runs a Unit Test.
TextFileGenerates a text file.
UnityGenerates a Unity/Blob file to speed up compilation.
UsingPromotes structure members to local scope.
VCXProjectGenerates a Visual Studio Project for integration with FASTBuild.
VSProjectExternalReferences an external Visual Studio Project for integration with FASTBuild.
VSSolutionGenerates a Visual Studio Solution for integration with FASTBuild.
XCodeProjectGenerates an XCode Project for integration with FASTBuild.